Adult Bike Tune-ups

Each tier includes the tier below it.

Bronze Tune-up $75
  • Securing and tightening of all parts
  • Adjusting the brakes
  • Adjusting the gears
  • Inflating tires
Silver Tune-up $120
  • Greasing and lubricating all parts
  • Precision in depth tuning
  • Minor wheel truing 
  • Installing new cables and chains (if needed)
Gold Tune-up $155
  • Full cleaning
  • Wax/ Polish coating
  • Installing new grips/ bar tape or saddle (if needed)
  • Readjustment of the seat height and handlebars
Platinum Tune-up $250
  • Strip down and complete cleaning of all the components
  • Professional Fitting
  • Free pick-up and drop off 
  • Servicing of bearings & hubs (extra for replacing bearings)

kids Bike Tuneups
General Checkup $50
  • Securing and tightening all parts
  • Adjusting the brakes
  • Adjusting the gears
  • Inflating the tires
Ready to Ride! (General Check)+ $70
  • Washing
  • Waxing/ polishing of frame
  • Wheel truing
  • Precision tuning
  • Labor for installation of new cables/ and/ or chains
Active Family Special
  • General check up for $40 per bike when 3 or more kids bikes are brought in together

Speed Demon

  • Ready to ride tune up for $60 per bike when 2 or more kids bikes are brought in together.

Let’s build something
great together.

All parts that are needed will be extra cost!
For example: chains, accessories, cables, etc.

Bikes that are put on the stand for immediate inspection or tire inflation are subject to a $10 service charge. (If the bike needs more attention and is left for service, then the $10 fee will NOT apply.)

Bikes that are left for excessive periods of time (30 days or more)
after service completion are subject to forfeit, or storage fees.

Specialty Services

Kids Bike Build
  • We will build up your child’s bike and ensure that it is safe to ride, for an affordable rate!
Bike Build
  • We will build and professionally tune your bike out of the box!  We also include a basic fitting so you are sure to be comfortable when you get out on your bike!
Custom Bike Fitting
  • To help you get the most efficiency and comfort to your ride, look no further than River Bicycles fit services. We use our computerized Body Scanning CRM system from Germany. Body Scanning CRM is an extremely accurate bike fit system that is fast, easy, and completely non-invasive. We also take the time to manually check: reach, plum line, saddle height, and overall comfort!
Bike Boxing
  • We professionally package and box your bike (better than factory) for wherever you may need to send your bike! Prices may vary depending on bike size and style.