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Unda U.

 We went to the new Glenville shop. Its quite nice and well-stocked with bicycles, bike accessories and bike clothing. Compared to other local bike shops, we felt they were the most competitively priced. After scoping out a bunch of shops, we came here to buy new bikes for our three teens.

Frank, the owner, was very attentive and tuned-in to what the kids were looking for. He asked appropriate questions about how the kids would use the bikes. He was also sensitive to our budget. The kids felt they had a lot to choose from.

They also did an extraordinary job repairing and restoring one of my vintage bikes. It needed a ton of work. The cost of the repair was incredibly fair. I expected it to be twice as much. And the job was competed in less than a week.

I was most impressed by Frank's integrity. He could easily have tried to up-sell me with a lot of new replacement parts. Instead he assured us that he could restore the old bike without unnecessary expense. The old bits and pieces were beautifully reconditioned and he finished the repairs by polishing off all the old rusted metal to a spit shine. My bike was returned to its original glory!

These guys exceeded our expectations. Those large sport-store franchises couldn't hold a candle to them. I wholeheartedly recommend RB. 

James C.

I stopped in today to look at bikes for my children.  These guys are great!  Total professionals and you can tell they really care about what they are doing.  I am a not a hard core cyclist (although the guy in the store before me was picking up his $3,500 bike) but they treated us as valued customers.  I ended up getting my kids really nice bikes that fit them great.  This is a local owner who loves to bike, and I am glad to have spent money in his shop today.  Will be back and happy to recommend others to the shop.


Ben Y.

 The guys at this bike shop are friendly and helpful. The first time I went there to get the front derailleur on an old bike adjusted. I got it done in just a couple minutes free of charge.

The second time was to get a new bike assembled properly. I got $15 off the service charge just for taking it all out of the box and putting the handlebars on ahead of time. Part of the reason I needed to take this new bike here is because some of the parts were broken/missing. I got all of this in the $35 charge to get the bike set up. When I wanted to put a rack and bag on the back, the guy was patient and informative as he showed me pretty much all the bags they had in store as well as telling me what could be ordered.

All in all, a positive experience 

Deborah B.

 I bought a new high-end bike there last week. The owner Frank is extremely knowledgeable & friendly. He spent a lot of time with me explaining the carbon frames, the gearing, etc and did a thorough job measuring me for the bike. Frank's enthusiasm for the sport is obvious & adds to a positive experience. My bike is on order-I can't wait to get it!!! 

Emily B.

I went here today to get a used bike.  I just moved to the area, so don't yet have a go-to bike shop.  The guys at the shop were extremely helpful and patient.  They knew what I was looking for and showed me two options that were perfect.  I definitely will return for all my bike needs. 


Joe L.

 Frank and his team are top notch! Knowledgeable at all levels of cycling, awesome new shop. 

Chris C.

 The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Would definitely go back for tune up and accessories. 

Johnny M.

 Has very competitive pricing and excellent service. Having looked around the other shops in the Greenwich area, this shop was best bang for my buck. Will happily purchase my next bike here again. Purchased the felt Verza speed 40 (beautiful bike) 

Lailina Cho Nadell

 Great products and service! Excellent, friendly staff- Frank is very knowledgeable and is always willing to help you with all your cycling needs! 


Bill O

Great staff, impeccable service. Frank and his staff are helpful, friendly, and offer some reasonably priced alternatives for serious and recreational cyclists alike. 

Tessie Massa

 Great prices, great customer service, great guidance on which products to buy. Frank is the best!!!! By far, much nicer experience then at Greenwich bike. The team at River Bicycles focuses on getting you the right bike for your skill level and experience vs the most expensive bike. Will we go to them when we upgrade? We have and we will continue to do so. 

Mark S.

 Frank is amazing. Did a quick gear adjustment on the spot and fixed a number of other small misalignments at the same time. Very quick! Bike feels new! Thanks Frank. Other shops were quoting me 5-7 day turnaround. 

Christopher M.

 Frank was fantastic. He helped me pick out a new bike, set it up, gave me two free service visits with new purchase and ordered specialty items for me through his wholesalers. He even agreed to match prices on certain products that are sold on Amazon. I would highly recommend this store. Frank even opened up on a Sunday (closed in winter) so I could pick up. Thank you. 

Steven Leven

 I'm so happy to do business with this Bike shop. Ended up buying three bikes from them and I don't have a single complaint. They have always went above and beyond of what I expected. Once I came in for them to help with a refitting and I popped my tire while putting it in the car. They replaced the tube and did a quick fitting, I expected to pay for the tube and fitting. I wasn't charged for either of them. 

Dan Castrigano

 Frank is great. I purchased my Felt bicycle from him several years ago. I have taken the bike on three tours, and his advice has been most helpful. He has also helped me with my unicycles on several occasions.